Jaipur, the pink city, is the capital and largest city of Rajasthan.  In a city with ancient history as vibrant as its architecture, we thoroughly enjoyed learning about the charming stories of the royals that had lived here for many years.  The old city was all painted pink (my Phi Mu sisters would love it here) to help welcome the Prince of Wales and to also help reflect the sunlight and keep buildings cool in the sweltering summers.  The people wear traditional embroidered Rajasthani clothes, colored turbans, and we saw a lot of manly mustaches.  It really is a colorful city.


Jaipur is known around the world for its handicrafts, gems, and other coveted items.  Here, I was able to buy a unique ring embedded with stones, harem pants, traditional Rajasthani paintings, and all-natural jasmine perfume.  There are so many lamps, tapestries, scarves, art, – it can all be pretty overwhelming choosing between so many beautiful things.  I hope when I get my first house, I’ll be able to come back here to help pick out things to furnish it.

So many pretty things!

At one point, we were walking through a crowded walkway lining the little stores.  We were sidestepping people and kids and trying to keep up with each other.  All of a sudden, the crowd parts in front of me so instinctively I step over to the right and see a COW pummeling through.  Before I could warn Priya that Jesus the Cow was parting the sea of people in front of us, the cow (with the horns on top of its head) rammed into Priya.  Thank GOD she’s got an itty bitty waist and she just fit in between the cow’s horns…

Only in India does shopping turn into a dangerous sport.

Hawa Mahal- “Palace of the Winds”

This palace has the same type of windows found in palaces and forts throughout Rajashthan- women would sit at these windows and would be able to see out, but because of their design, people on the streets would not be able to see in.

Amber Fort

The fort is surrounded by a citadel (protective wall) that is reminiscent of the Great Wall of China
A symmetrical garden sitting on a man-made lake outside of the fort’s border
Princess Shivani inside the Fort Walls- the elephant in the background was one of many carrying visitors into the fort

City Palace

This is the sorbet pink that the entire old city of Jaipur is painted in
A real snake charmer outside of the city palace!
Inside the city palace- beautifully painted in fresco style

Jantar Mantar

This is one of my favorite stops.  Jantar Mantar is an astronomical observatory built in 1724.  I expected to see telescopes and such, but when we got there, all we saw were large oddly shaped things- the instruments.  The instruments built nearly 300 years are large so that they can accurately measure the sun’s shadow as the days pass and throughout the different equinoxes of the year.

One of the most memorable instruments used to observe planetary movement and to accurately tell time
As each minute passed, the sun’s shadow moved on the instrument! Precisely with my iPhone time. Unbelievable.
There were instruments for each zodiac sign- here I am with Aquarius
My favorite view. From here we can see Jantar Mantar, the City Palace, and Amer Fort in the distance, the three big sights we saw in Jaipur.

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