Ranthambore- Where the Wild Things Were Supposed to Be

Next stop was near the Ranthambore National Park.  We stayed at a secluded safari fort where all of the employees wore what looked like army outfits all with matching berets.  The rooms were spacious with plenty of room for activities.


At about 6:30 in the morning, we drove out on an open top jeep to head out to the national park for a safari.  Unfortunately, it was freezing and we saw no tigers 😦  Instead we saw a bunch of deer, so it basically felt like we were back in Ottawa Hills.  In fact, you can see more wildlife just on a normal 6-lane road in India.  Anything from monkeys, cows, pigs, horses, dogs, and even peacocks!


Some of the really friendly monkey we met outside the safari…

The Ranthambore Fort was one of the oldest forts we toured, almost a thousand years old.  It’s a sprawling space that covers 8 square kilometers filled inside with ruins.  Our guide told us super old, cool stories from how it was built to protect itself from invaders to the stories about the people who lived inside.  For example, in one of the lakes inside the fort, hundreds of women committed mass suicide by jumping in and drowning.  They had heard false news that the fort had been taken over by an invading army, and so rather than suffer the dishonor of being captured by the army, they chose death…

An ancient swimming pool and across the way is their old “cabana”
An ancient temple 

After climbing up and up past 7 protective gates and lots of stairs, we successfully climbed up to the Palace of the Clouds to see the beautiful view of Padam Lake.

Padam Lake
Atop the Palace of the Clouds

The beauty of this place comes from its pristine scenery up in the mountains and the quiet.  It lacks the hustle and bustle and crowded traffic of some of the previous places we’ve been.



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