Picturesque Prague

Prague was stunning.  Absolutely beautiful.  There is no city like this one.  We walked around like we were in Disney World, dragging our jaws on the ground. (Apparently Disney World stole some designs from Prague, so that makes sense).  I’ll let the pictures do the talking here.

The famous Astronomical Clock- it’s taken many a person to decode this complicated apparatus. But it still tells time to a T!


We climbed the clock tower for some of the best views of the city. Completely took our breath away!!

1613828_10152433144665917_7196825315217461317_n (1)

View from the Clock Tower…. Yeah I know. Unreal.

IMG_3486   tumblr_n4rh6nBuUp1ru6jseo3_500   We came to Prague at the right time- the city was bustling with Easter markets!!  Happy little painted eggs and smiling dolls. IMG_3422 IMG_3477

Easter is in the Air
The CUTEST Czech singing group
Us in Old Town Square- where the main action was at

The Charles River Bridge was always alive with pedestrians, food and art vendors, and street musicians.

Dreaming on the Bridge You can see the Prague Castle in the Background!


Rubbed for good luck
Gal Pals

Right past the Charles River Bridge is the John Lennon Wall.

A little underwhelming after the East Side Gallery in Berlin, but still, very cool! Spidey got in our pic too, he’s chill.

Then we trekked up the hill to go see the Prague Castle.

Knock Knock jokes are not effective at getting the guards to laugh…
Facade of the church

Everything in this charming little town is so close together that after a day of sight-seeing, we realized we had seen almost everything there was to see.  Famous bars were a stones throw away from our hostel, you could roll out of bed and land in Old Town Square.  Something about the proximity of everything was so appealing and easy compared to the other sprawling metropolitan cities we had been to. Photo: Because dinner by the candlelight+you= everything

IMG_3455   These are one of the only pictures we took before going out.  Even though we were in Prague only for a Sunday and Monday night, I can say with confidence that I had two of the most fun nights of my life in this city.  On Sunday night, we ended up meeting a British bachelor party (stag night, as they call it) and had a long, deliriously fun night with them.  We hopped from bar to bar and got drinks and we swooned over their accents. We accidentally went to three strip clubs.  One of the guys was a pizza chef so I asked him to marry me.

And so I left my heart in Prague.  What a pretty city!  It was here that it really hit me on top of the clock tower that 1) what a beautiful world it is that we live in and 2) I am the luckiest girl to have the whole world ahead of me to explore.  Thanks Ma and Pa for helping to make my dreams come true, one city at a time.


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