My last trip, last city, last post (making it a nice round 30)!  I met up with one of my closest friends who was actually in London doing an internship at the UK Parliament… He is quite the boss.  I forced him to spend every hour he wasn’t at work to romp around the city.  And man, did we do a lot in a few days.

We made a list of everything– here it is.

  • We met at a cute pub for a beer outside in the sunny weather
  • Explored Camden and had an obscenely expensive dinner at a terribly cute restaurant
  • Had giant beers at a gay bar
  • Took a walking tour the next morning– saw St. James Palace, Trafalgar Square, a Redcoat Soldier, Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Westminster Abbey, Parliament
  • IMG_5590
    Redcoats in Green Park
    one of the many tourist traps we couldn’t resist
    It was quite the day at Buckingham Palace
    The pink blur (or maybe the white one) is the Queen!
    This quaint spot was not even a stone’s throw away from the palace
    Big Ben
    Parliament on the river Thames



  • went to Reed’s boss’ country club for a shmoozy afternoon lunch
  • went to what we thought was an original cutesy café, Pret a Manger, ended up being literally on every single block of the entire city
  • Leicester Square- with larger than life street performances.  There we spontaneously decided to get tickets for a standup comedy show
  • Went out in Camden and went to three totally different bars– lots of dancing and drinks involved here


  • the next morning- slowly made our way over to Camden Market where we both got huge boats of Chinese/Thai food


  • we ambled around the old city– saw fleet street, the Bank of England, St. Paul’s Cathedral (and made it in time for a pretty cool little performance!)
The Bank of England
St. Paul’s Cathedral
An organ player and cellist duo perform for the crowd in St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • London bridge, Tower bridge, Globe Theater
An outdoor/indoor market– the location that was used as Diagon Alley in the HP movies
The Shard- apparently you can spend an obscene amount of money to go up to the top of the Shard and have a beautiful view of the city
Tower Bridge


  • Tas Pide- anatolian food


  • crossed the wobbly bridge and continued to walk and talk late into the night
  • The next day, I spent the afternoon exploring the British Museum.  It’s free and it has huge exhibits dedicated to each part of the world.  Whether you’re interested in science, history, art, or culture, there’s something here for you.  It was packed with families, students, and tour groups, but it still was one of my favorite museums.  I just wish I had had more time there!
Rosetta Stone
An Indian sculpture
  • We went to mass at Westminster Abbey- complete with a young boy’s choir


  • Saw the Parent Trap House


  • Got Indian Food


  • the next day I went to Portabello Market to buy some last minute gifts, then the science museum (which was AWESOME), Hyde Park, and Kensington Garden
The street was lined with vendors selling unique jewelry and knicknacks. My favorite part was a crepe filled with strawberries and nutella.
Little London street signs for sale
I continued walking from the market through Notting Hill
The sunken gardens outside of Kensington Palace– where Will and Kate live!
Kensington Palace
Imagine how surprised I was when I was leaving Hyde Park and this classical-looking sculpture weren’t just a bunch of old white guys– it was an Indian vignette!
The science museum had some really cool exhibits like the history of medicine and one on the exploration of space…  This was in the medicine exhibit and it is one of the first versions of the inhaler.


  • Last night- dinner at a pub, saw Jersey boys, then went out for one last night
It was such a great show!! Everyone knows the catchy tunes so everytime the intro to a new song came on you got chills.


There is way too much to do in London, it’s overwhelming!!  We packed in a lot for a few days and I still have so many more neighborhoods I wanted to explore and of course the Wimbledon grounds.  But it was a great few days with Reed, we really did have the time of our lives.

And then before I knew it, I was on my way home!  I had a smooth flight and was in Toledo in a mere 12 hours.  6 months, 11 countries, and over 25 cities later, I am at home sweet home.  I can’t believe the adventures I went on, the people I met, the numerous items I was able to cross off my bucket list.  It was quite the journey and I have no one but my parents to thank for literally giving me the world.



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